Creating Futures That Matter Today: Facilitating Change Through Shared Vision

Meeting today’s challenges by envisioning tomorrow’s possibilities

Discover how to facilitate innovative organizational changes, through the creation of a shared vision, a unique process developed by Marjorie Parker and Anna Pool.

Stop Looking Sideways, Start Looking Forward.

Whether you are a business or nonprofit leader, a consultant, a coach or an educator, this book will provide you with a step-by-step methodology and practical tools to help teams envision, design, and implement important new organizational futures.

The Shared Visioning Methodology will help you:


Anna Pool

Anna Pool is a business consultant and strategic thinker who has facilitated leadership and organizational development across a broad range of industries and clients, including Michelin, Shell, Verizon, Citi, Bayer, Nike, Raytheon and the Ford Motor Company, as well as numerous government agencies. A master-level certified executive coach with the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches, she is a trusted advisor to top leadership, providing insight, tough feedback and helping leaders build innovative and collaborative environments where the desired future state can be envisioned and systematically enabled.

Marjorie Parker

Marjorie Parker is an organizational consultant who has been recognized for over 30 years as a thought leader in the field of creativity. Marjorie resides in Oslo, Norway and has consulted with senior management in Norway’s leading corporations, health care institutions and government agencies. She was awarded a national scholarship from the Norwegian Council for Leadership Development and received a stipend from the Norwegian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to document her work with using innovative approaches to leadership development and organizational change. She has been a frequent speaker at international conferences on creativity and innovation.

Peter Senge endorsed Marjorie’s first book: Creating Shared Vision: The Story of a Pioneering Approach to Organizational Revitalization (1990), saying “It is the first of its kind. It should be mandatory reading for those interested in revitalizing their organizations and in moving toward becoming learning organizations.

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Praise for Creating Futures that Matter Today

“This book offers a compelling guide for anyone looking to inspire change within their organization. Their practical approach to cultivating shared visions is a game-changer for facilitating meaningful change. What sets this book apart is the clarity and applicability of its strategies and both author’s deep understanding of the transformative power of collective vision. It is filled with insightful strategies and tools that are both innovative and actionable. A must-read for leaders and consultants alike, this book is a roadmap to unlocking your team’s creative potential and steering your organization toward a future that matters.”

CB Bowman-Ottomanelli, CEO of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches
“By following the unique methodology in this book, I was able to facilitate a powerful visioning experience that helped senior leaders explore and align around a new future state.  With a shared vision as a backdrop, follow on conversations and business planning were more passionate, focused, and aligned, both on the business needs and the culture required to reach that vision.”
Lori Costew, HR Lead, Ford Smart Mobility

“Leadership Thinking has to change / advance to meet the needs of modern organizations. “Creating Futures that Matter Today” is a catalyst to a new way of thinking, working and executing in this new world of leadership. This is a book you will keep forever.”

Dr. Paul Balio, CEO, PIP Consulting Group