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We have re-defined the word "savvy" to express the intersection of Experience, Insight, and Presence. More than just cleverness {the traditional definition of "savvy"}, today's leaders need to lead with wisdom and with heart. At the same time, they have to drive business results, build teams and cultures and be role models for corporate citizenship. Today's executives have to be agile learners and visionary, innovative thinkers.


Executive Savvy is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders accelerate their growth and find their true north, their next best self, so they can face the volatility of today's business world with agility, insight and courage. We help organizations of all sizes, align and develop their key talent to excel in the global marketplace.




insight, experience, presence, equals savvy

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Some people believe there are no short cuts to developing experience, but in today’s volatile business world, you have find them.  Executives just don’t have the benefit of years to develop experience and know-how.  Working with Executive Savvy is a powerful way to accelerate your experience by leveraging our leadership knowledge and experience.  Our coaches and facilitators not only have advanced educational degrees but also business leadership and P&L experience.  We have led companies and large teams, developed strategy and dealt with the challenges of globalization and cultural and demographic diversity.  We are very familiar with both the possibilities and challenges of the digital world.  We are life-long learners, professional speakers and authors.  Whether you are seeking one-on-one executive coaching or top team facilitation, you can feel confident about leaning into our experience while you accelerate your own.




This aspect of savvy is the least quantifiable.  People say “I know it when I see it” and describe it many ways, including charisma, the ability to “own the room”, self-confidence and gravitas.  Whatever your organization calls it, leaders at the executive level must know how to demonstrate it, whether in the boardroom, with an executive team or with the media.  Executive Savvy coaches and facilitators have held similar kinds of roles and know experientially how important presence is.  We’ve experienced a myriad of training activities to develop our own presence and to help you master this all-important capacity.  You’ll learn how your personal style impacts your level of presence and how to adapt it for different audiences.  You’ll explore the various languages of influence and how to quickly build rapport with all kinds of stakeholders.  And how to hold the attention of everyone in the room, in an authentic and real way that builds genuine respect and the ability to connect with others.




Every coaching or team program begins with a robust battery of leadership assessments as well as 360-degree stakeholder interviews.  Individual executives or executive teams quickly gain a snapshot of key strengths as well as key opportunities for development.  But that’s just the starting point for the journey.  Executive Savvy helps you or your team stretch, talks you out of your comfort zones and relentlessly builds self-awareness such that you know yourself better than you ever thought possible. And as you and your teams deepen in self-insight, understanding and empathy for others begins to skyrocket.  As a result of growing insight, people are rarely mysteries and where you once struggled to “get traction” in a key relationship, you now see the way forward and have the courage to do it.  Our clients often tell us the insights they develop through the work has fueled positive change not only in business, but equally with loved ones at home.


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